DDB DDB FTW SOF 2021 - 30 let
It is part of human nature that we eventually start to take even the best things for granted. For many Slovenians, Lesnina's services, such as delivery and installation of furniture, assistance from sales consultants, and a wide range of brands, were the standard offer of furniture and home accessories stores. It was only the arrival of the Swedish furniture giant with a completely different business model that reminded us that this is not the case. Read the success stories
Audience enthusiasm is the greatest reward
We increase the number of customers by improving the user experience
100% increase in conversion with strategic renovation of websites. Read the success stories
With the integrated management of strategic and operational marketing activities we co-created the number 1 store, according to Slovenian consumers.  Read the success stories
Creating soulful integrated campaigns
We connect suitable content to the appropriate target group
Using our balanced communication and creative strategies for the past 25 years, we have created a unique global brand atmosphere and experience on the Slovenian market. Read the success stories
When restructuring the business model, we developed a brand consolidation program, created a new corporate image and communication strategy, which reflect the business vision. Read the success stories
We design the brand identity that reflects its business vision
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