Cookie Use Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used by most websites. When you visit a website, they are saved on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually include the name of the server from which they were sent, the life span of the cookie and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.

Their storage is completely controlled by your browser - the user can limit or disable the storage of cookies as desired, but restrictions may cause the website to not function properly; the content may not be displayed and access to certain functionalities may be limited. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Cookies are used by most modern websites; without them, the usability of websites would be severely limited. The storage and reading of information in cookies is used:

  • for sessions (e.g. logging into forums);
  • for baskets in online shops;
  • to reuse the decisions you have made (e.g. the choice of language or currency that you use);
  • to display various advanced content on a website (e.g. maps, video);
  • to manage page visit statistics;
  • to support social networks plug-ins (e.g. liking and sharing);
  • to display custom-made ads.

Cookies can be temporary (for the current “session”), which means that they are only used during your visit on the website and will be deleted once you close your browser, or they can be permanent, which means they will stay in the device after you leave the website until you delete them or until your browser deletes them after a certain period.

How does Futura use cookies?

We try to offer our users a modern, fast, and simple website that automatically adjusts to your needs and wishes. In order to achieve that, our website uses the following types of cookies: technical cookies, functional cookies, analytical cookies, and commercial cookies. Cookies themselves don’t enable your identification and it is not possible to find out who you are through cookies alone.

Which types of cookies are used on our website?

There are several types of cookies and various ways in which they are used. Cookies can be classified according to function, life span, and who they are installed by.

Cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to function

Without these cookies, the website or parts of the website would not function properly, which is why they are installed as soon as you visit the website. The cookies are installed and managed by Futura DDB.

cookieconsent_status  Consent End of sessionFuturaDDB  

Own analytic cookies

These are the cookies used by Futura that are installed directly by our website. All the data is collected in an anonymous and aggregated form and used solely to measure visiting statistics on our websites. They are installed as soon as you visit our website, however we enable the capture of statistic data without advertising add-ons and we don’t share data with third parties.

By continuing to use the website you agree to the use of our own analytic cookies. However, even in that case we only collect aggregated data that is not used for advertising and does not reveal your identity.

_gaWebsite views statistics  2 YearsGoogle Analytics  
_utmaWebsite views statistics 
2 YearsGoogle Analytics
_utmbWebsite views statistics 30 MinutesGoogle Analytics
_utmcWebsite views statistics End of sessionGoogle Analytics
_utmtWebsite views statistics   10 YearsGoogle Analytics
_utmzWebsite views statistics     6 MonthsGoogle Analytics

Functional and third-party analytic cookies

With these cookies we enable you to have a modern user experience with the correct functioning of social media plug-ins (e.g. for liking and sharing Facebook content) and the corresponding analytics. The anonymous data collected with cookies is available to Futura and the service provider enabling the implementation of functionalities (e.g. Google, Facebook). Futura uses only the services of companies it trusts.

By turning off these cookies you are disabling access to certain content, liking and sharing content, as well as the display of some video content (YouTube). If you click on any of the buttons connecting to social media, this will be recorded on those websites that may use this information. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the policies of each of these websites and check how they use this data, how you can disable participation in the collection of this data, or how to delete the data.

uid_atuvcThird party cookies from companies who publish buttons for information exchange on social networks on our website.2 yearsFacebook, Twitter in drugi
REFYouTube video embed 10 YearsGoogle
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYouTube video embed 7-8 MonthsGoogle
YSCYouTube video embed End of sessionGoogle

Third-party advertising cookies

Third-party advertising cookies are cookies of other companies, such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. that manage the ad network. Futura uses only ads of companies that handle data responsibly and that we trust.

If you turn off third-party cookies in the settings, you will still see the ads online, but they will not be personalized according to your wishes and might not be relevant to you.

datrUser profiling2 MonthsFacebook
wdUser profiling1 WeekFacebook
frUser profiling3 MonthsFacebook
xsUser profiling3 MonthsFacebook
c_userUser profiling3 MonthsFacebook
sbUser profiling18 MonthsFacebook
dprUser profiling1 WeekFacebook
reg_ext_refEnables like, share, comment Facebook functionsEnd of sessionFacebook
reg_fb_refEnables like, share, comment Facebook functionsEnd of sessionFacebook
reg_fb_gateEnables like, share, comment Facebook functionsEnd of sessionFacebook
NIDTargeted advertising for Google pages6 MonthsGoogle
SID Google ID Account Security2 YearsGoogle
HSID Google ID Account Security2 YearsGoogle
IDETargeted advertising for non Google pages1.5 YearsGoogle
AINDTargeted advertising for non Google pagesGoogle
DSIDTargeted advertising for non Google pages1.5 YearsGoogle
FLCTargeted advertising for non Google pagesGoogle
AIDTargeted advertising for non Google pagesGoogle
TAIDTargeted advertising for non Google pagesGoogle
PREFGoogle Preferences Settings8 MonthsGoogle
exchange_uidTargeted advertising for non Google pages2 YearsGoogle
recently_watched_video_id_lisLast watched YouTube video7 MonthsGoogle
GEOYouTube in Maps embed 7 MonthsGoogle
use_hitboxYouTube video embed End of sessionGoogle
SSIDYouTube video embed 2 YearsGoogle
SIDCCYouTube video embed 3 MonthsGoogle
CONSENTYouTube video embed 20 Years 1 MonthGoogle
LOGIN_INFOYouTube video embed 2 YearsGoogle
APISIDYouTube video embed 2 YearsGoogle

Other cookies we use

Our website does not install other cookies, nor does it enable third parties to install them. However, in certain cases we might use cookies you have agreed to have installed on your device while using various Google services prior to your first visit to our website, which is why we cannot influence them.

How can I set cookies on Futura.si?

On our website you can set which types of cookies to install. The website will remember your choice with the help of the cookie [“cookieconsent_status”], which is one of the cookies strictly necessary for the website to function. You can always change your cookie settings in detailed settings.

Before you enable a certain type of cookie, we ask you to read about their purpose and how they are used. It might happen that the changed settings will negatively affect your user experience, that some content and video content will not be displayed, and that certain functionalities of the website will not work. If you wish to use them, you will have to find the cookie settings and change them accordingly.

By selecting “I agree” or “I don’t agree” you can control which cookies are installed on your device by our website.

Own functional cookies

They are required for the website to function.

The cookies are always installed

Own analytic cookies

Anonymous and aggregated visit statistics with masked IP addresses.

You agree to the cookies by using the website

Third party functional cookies

Cookies that enable the functioning of YouTube videos, etc.

Third-party analytic cookies

Sharing content from our website with social media and analysis of your use of the plugin (e.g. Facebook likes)

Third-party advertising cookies

If you disable them, you will still see ads online, but they might not relevant to you.

If a user disables certain cookies or does not agree to them, but later on requests a service used by these cookies, the cookies will be enabled. We do this if the user registers for e-news or sends data through dedicated forms. By using this functionality, the user requests the use of the entire website as it is offered by Futura, which might include additional cookie installation for analytic purposes, personalised content display, commercial content, and social media plugin functioning. Your can read how Futura protects your personal data in the Privacy Policy.


The Cookie Use Policy is valid from 25/ 5/ 2018 and can be changed or amended at any time.