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Audience enthusiasm is the greatest reward

Audience enthusiasm is the greatest reward
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The standard offer becomes a competitive advantage

It is part of human nature that we eventually start to take even the best things for granted. For many Slovenians, Lesnina's services, such as delivery and installation of furniture, assistance from sales consultants, and a wide range of brands, were the standard offer of furniture and home accessories stores. It was only the arrival of the Swedish furniture giant with a completely different business model that reminded us that this is not the case. 

With humour to free publicity

While designing the campaign, we put ourselves in the shoes of the Swedes, who are used to assembling furniture. How would they see shopping at Lesnina? The  "Welcome home – Välkommen hem" campaign was created with 3 sincere and humorous commercials. They impressed viewers to the extent that they were compared to the legendary "Dobre vile" advert, written about in the media, and earned their own 5 minutes on a TV talk show.

A hedonistic reinterpretation of furniture assembly instructions

We've taken Lesnina's advantage of furniture assembly and put it on digital in another cheeky way – we've transformed Ikea's legendary furniture assembly instructions into Lesnina's instructions for enjoyment. Furniture buyers at Lesnina have no choice but to let go and take their place on the new sofa, bed, at the kitchen counter, etc. We've added a code for free furniture delivery to the instructions, to help boost sales.

What have we achieved?

In the first 14 days of the campaign, we achieved the following figures:

of the population have seen the TV ad at least once


video views on social media

0,01 EUR

achieved price per ad view on YouTube


free editorial exposures in the media

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