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Award winning creative campaigns that sell

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Award winning creative campaigns that sell
An integrated campaign that drew attention to a relevant problem in our society reversed the negative sales trend. 

Let’s activate young adults under 26

Vzajemna is the lead provider of complementary health insurance in Slovenia. Every year a lot of effort is directed towards the communication with young adults under 26, who need this type of insurance for the first time. Sales of insurance within the target group had been decreasing for the third year in a row, which is why Vzajemna wanted a new campaign to reverse this trend (spoiler: our campaign did in fact reverse it!), activate the target group and create a connection between the young and the brand using the social media. 

Record-holders in living at the mama hotel

The main idea of the action was based on the data by OECD, which puts Slovenia on the second place in the world (!) according to the number of young adults still living with their parents. Only the neighbouring Italy has a larger share of young adult still living at home. We used Vzajemna and its complementary health insurance – which becomes necessary after the loss of student status or after the 26th birthday, when the young adults can no longer be on their parents’ insurance – to draw attention to this problem.

Record-holder at the movie theaters ... to be continued

A record-holder of Slovenian movie theatres – Slovenian film Pr’ Hostar – ends with a scene in which the grown up main character Matevž in spoon-fed by his mother. This was the perfect starting point for collaboration with the film crew creating an online continuation in the form of short films, showing Matevž struggling to gain independence. We also invited the users to participate by voting to decide how Matevž should act and how the storyline should develop towards his successful independence.



award for the best social media campaign 2017


golden plaque for comprehensive communication campaign 2017


golden plaque for digital communication 2017


golden plaque for branded or created content 2017

What have we achieved?

18 %

growth of complementary insurance sales

78 %

reach of target group on Facebook

257 %

exceeded communication goal

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