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We design the brand identity that reflects its business vision

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Optimisation of Multichannel Communications
  • Brand Foundations
  • Corporate Identity
  • Functional Integration
We design the brand identity that reflects its business vision
The consolidation of the brand was accompanied by the first dynamic visual identity in Slovenia.  

The centre of business philosophy is not the products but the users

In the process of functional integration Telekom Slovenije consolidated its offer and combined all its services under a unified umbrella brand. The need to change the business model arose from the realisation that their business philosophy can no longer prioritise the products, but must focus on the users who expect new freedoms to go along with new communication technologies.

Three brands become one

We planned the brand consolidation programme, created the new brand mission and vision concepts, designed the new corporate identity and communication strategy, which expresses the new business vision of Telekom Slovenije: “We see ourselves as part of the future where every individual can write their own story, think their own thoughts, dream their own dream and enjoys total freedom.”

Freedom of visual identity

The individual and society are wrapped in a dynamic, organic relationship. To reflect this relationship, the new corporate identity appears in dynamic, constantly evolving visual forms, which allows diverse applications and a wide range of expressions. It changes its form to adapt to the user but never loses its identity. It personifies total freedom.

Freedom to create products and services

The ability to satisfy our unquenchable thirst for freedom is the most important advantage in our day and age, which is why our vision of global communication development is based on transparency, free flow, flexibility and updatability. Total freedom to create personalised products, services and plans is the key to success. Total freedom accounts for all needs, all adaptations, all differences, with individual adjustments and maximum flexibility. More freedom always means more communication.

What have we achieved?

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The capital of the united brand Telekom Slovenije exceeded the sum of the individual SiOL, Mobitel and Telekom brands.

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