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We develop a strategy and transform it into a reality

  • Long Term Planning and Digital Roadmap
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  • Brand Foundations
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We develop a strategy and transform it into a reality
With our help Vzajemna became the first and only insurance company in Slovenia to not only offer health insurance policies, but actively helps protect our health.

New strategy followed by a new identity

In 2014 we started working on a new corporate identity for Vzajemna. However, we did much more than just renovate the facade.

Vzajemna’s management understood that the change of corporate identity can arise only from the changes in the strategic behaviour of the company. We designed a strategy based on innovative and progressive understanding of insurance company role, which plays an important part in the everyday life of its customers.  

We created the first active health protection programme

Based on this new understanding of Vzajemna’s role we established the programme of active health protection called Varuh zdravja (Guardian of health). This programme helps Vzajemna realise its mission: not only to insure our health, but to protect also. As part of the Varuh zdravja programme, Vzajemna’s customers have access to discounts on purchases of sport equipment, ski passes, spa services and active holidays, free prevent care services, consultations and other services.

Varuh zdravja for everyone

The aim of the Varuh zdravja programme is to become our constant companion, a constant encouragement to live full and healthy lives. As a step in this direction an on-line gym varuhzdravja.si was opened in 2017, where everyone – not just Vzajemna’s clients – can train for free.

Healthy encouragement for Vzajemna’s growth

The online gym and other activities in the scope of the Varuh zdravja programme allow the company to connect with its clients and all other people who care for their own health. These activities and other relevant content guide the dialog with target groups creating new opportunities for Vzajemna.

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