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When the right content truly reaches the target group

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When the right content truly reaches the target group
Using our balanced communication and creative strategies for the past 25 years, we have created a unique global brand atmosphere and experience on the Slovenian market.

Local campaigns increase the popularity of global brands

There are 20 McDonald’s restaurants in Slovenia, Germany has around 1500, and the USA has ten times that number. Due to the small size of the market, most of the communication activities were limited to creative solution adaptation, which eventually started to influence the perception of the brand in Slovenia. According to the research findings, the popularity of the brand has been declining. The consumers began to perceive it as removed from the local environment. That is why we created a new strategy of positioning the brand in Slovenia, which showed excellent results after only two years.

Integrated communication on all channels

We have been telling the McDonald’s story on all touchpoints for the past 25 years - we are in charge of the restaurant’s communication, external advertising and TV ads, content creation for Facebook, and digital advertising.

Integrated communication on all channels

Innovative approach and strategy

Success is a result of our innovative approach and strategy, which we use to address various target groups and provide the client with measurable results. One of the many campaigns we used to build McDonald’s reputation supported the launch of a premium line of Master burgers.

Campaigns to improve the reputation of McDonald's as an employer

The general public is unaware that McDonald’s is one of the better and larger employers in Slovenia with a clear employment structure and promotion opportunities, education programmes and award schemes. As part of the Super Team umbrella initiative we prepared 3 campaigns - Employ the Young at Heart, McDonald’s Wants You, and McManager - designed to alter the negative public perception of McDonald’s as an employer.

Daily juicy content

Juicy content that is a part of out external advertising and content marketing communication strategy on Facebook attracts the attention of consumers on a daily basis. Our billboards and city-light, recipients of numerous awards, are a permanent feature in the Slovenian physical space, while the Facebook posts are a constant in the digital environment.

Viral effect campaigns

Can prize competitions increase sales? They can. One of the campaigns that achieved enviable results is the digital campaign for McDonald’s ice creams. It used entertainment to activate the target group, with the planned activities exceeding 237%, while the sales of ice cream increased by 10.4% compared to the previous year.

Different media achieves different objectives

We carefully plan our media buying according to the target group and the campaign objectives. Data-supported media planning allows for an optimal use of the media resources and a maximum reach of the target group and the sales results. By buying high reach media we create brand and offer awareness, while the web advertising allows us to target the group for which the content was intended. In this way, we connect McDonald’s and its customers in all the purchase path phases.

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