Brand Development and Visual Identity

We connect companies and customers.
  • Brand Foundations
  • Corporate Identity
  • Own Brand Development
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Packaging Design
  • Creative Design and Integrated Campaign Production
  • Brand Architecture and Positioning
  • Industry Analysis Through Competitive Environment, Trends and Mission

A brand that responds to customer needs

Due to rapid changes, a brand’s position is evolving constantly. As part of the process of the user-centered business model transformation it is necessary to constantly verify and define the space that the brand wants to occupy in the mental and emotional world of the user.

In addition to the functional promise the brand uses to satisfy needs, the strategy must also open the space for individualisation of the long-term brand experience and strengthen its relationship with the user.

The brand is what it represents in the minds of the costumers

We help you express the identity of your brand in a way that is relatable to the customers. To achieve an authentic relationship it is essential to look at the brand through the eyes of the customers and reposition it in accordance with their expectations.

If a company is present on the market with multiple brands, clear relationships between them are decisive for the power of each separate brand. These relationships must not be clear only to us; they must be obvious to the costumers who demand simplicity, clarity, and meaning.

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