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  • Customer Segmentation and Persona Creation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • User Experience Planning
  • Optimisation of Multichannel Communications
  • Personalised Communication Experience
  • Individual Touchpoint Analysis
  • Digital Presence Strategy

Customer journey is a story of the relationship between the customer and your brand

The customer journey is the central part of the customer’s experience with the brand, which is why it is as important as the product itself in ensuring a competitive advantage.

Even though the customer can perform individual steps on his journey in seconds, the journey itself has become longer and more complex. TV attracts the viewer’s attention, but the key parts of the customer journey happen online - research on Google, product comparison, user ratings and testing. Because the personal contact between the brand and the customer is less prominent online, companies often don’t know why and during which step of the journey they lost a potential customer.

We cannot dictate the customer journey, but we can influence it

We help you connect marketing and sales and increase the effectiveness of all touchpoints, reducing the possibility of losing a customer on the customer journey. We can predict in advance what the customers want and what information they need at each step. We guide customers with appropriate channels and content and offer them answers even before questions arise. We take them on an uninterrupted journey from perception to loyalty. At the same time, we are creating a customer-focused environment for brand development.

You can read more about customer journey mapping in our manual “How to succeed with a good shopping experience?”.

“Expanding our company to foreign markets created a need for structuring our market entry strategy. Futura surprised us with the way they tackled the challenge. Our initial brief was upgraded with an analysis that enabled us to make well-informed marketing and sales decisions.”
Arne Mislej CEO @ Solvera Lynx

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