Data Driven Marketing

We connect data and insights.
  • KPI and Dashboard Placement
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • CRM and Automated Marketing
  • Web Analytics Training and Workshops
  • Individual Touchpoint Analysis
  • Establishing High-Quality Web Analytics
  • Introduction of Growth Hacking

Increase marketing efficiency with the use of data

Where and how do customers come in contact with you? Where and why are you losing customers? What do users do on your website? Which customer segment is most valuable to you? The answers to these questions should be known to all modern marketing professionals and managers.

The task is not easy. In the flood of data you need the insights that will help you create relevant content and funnel money into the right channels. Only a systematic approach to analytics on all customer journey touchpoints can in time detect deviations from the desired effects and provide acute insights.

Strategic decisions based on firm foundations

Even the most imaginative solutions are not worth much if they fail to create an effect. That is why we analyse the data trace of market activities and customer behavior. With workshops and technology we help you connect and give meaning to data gathered by various marketing channels, so that a story is composed over the entire customer journey. We set the metrics according to the specifics of your company and to the objectives you want to achieve, while helping you establish a process that provides constant improvement of results.

By visualising data, the analysis is faster and simpler.

Using the visualisation of key metrics we ensure that the various stakeholders have the dashboards that help them optimise their work, reduce costs, and increase sales. But we are not focused on the past: statistical modelling allows us to predict future effects, which gives a sounder foundation to strategic decision making.

“We are a data-driven company. Futura complements our way of thinking. Their digital analytics expertise helped us reach new heights in the areas of data collection and analysis as well as reporting.”
Nikhil Patwardhan Marketing Director @ Goopti

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