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The All-Slovenian activation that left a lasting impression across the world

The All-Slovenian activation that left a lasting impression across the world
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On the last Let’s Cleanup Slovenia event, we created the cleanest font in the world from the trash we collected together with volunteers.  

Cleanup alone is not enough

Ecologist Without Borders wanted to shift the attention from merely a cleanup to creating awareness and sustainable habits, which would in turn decrease the amount of waste. 

Among those are recycling, re-use and appropriate management of natural resources. Hence we decided that along with the cleanup action named “For the last time”, we would prepare something very innovative –The Cleanest Font In The World. Together with the volunteers we designed every letter of the Slovenian alphabet, which was then photographed and later vectorised, transforming the letter into a real usable font. 

Write a »clean« message or an ecologically minded call-to-action.

We published the font on international websites which offer a variety of fonts that can be downloaded and used for free.  By using one, you can download the typeface for free both as an individual or a non-profit and start typing an environmentally conscious message that will encourage sustainability and taking care of our environment. 

You can use the font on either PC or Mac. Download the font here.


The news regarding our font spread all around the world.

Influential Slovenian as well as worldwide lifestyle, design and eco conscious media reported on it. The font also came to the attention of Greenpeace that tweeted the news to their 1.7 million followers, which is quite a milestone for a Slovenian advertising campaign. More importantly it spread the message and the true usability that’s portrayed by every letter; “Trash might not only be destined for a bin. It can be reused.”


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