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Creating soulful integrated campaigns

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Creating soulful integrated campaigns
Using innovative two-way communication, we gave buyers a chance to put bread baked from their own recipe on Spar’s shelves.

The only grocery chain with its own bakery

All large grocery chains in Slovenia offer baked goods to their buyers. Most use outsourced providers, but their communications create an illusion that the goods are prepared in their own bakeries. However, Spar Slovenija is the only grocer that actually prepares baked goods in its own bakery, which is why the company wanted to highlight this particular difference as a main point of advantage.

Personal stories form the Pekarna Spar bakery ...

For Spar Slovenija we designed a campaign that frames it as the only grocer with its own bakers and pastry chefs. We presented the bakery to the public in the most authentic way possible, by filming a TV ad in the bakery and showing the everyday life of Spar’s bakers and pastry chefs. The main protagonists were the master baker Janez Potočnik and the pastry chef Aleksandra Hren.

Mass personalisation with Janez the Baker bot

In the second phase, we upgraded the classical marketing campaign with a digital action that allowed the users to create their own bread with the help of Janez the Baker and put it on the shelves of Spar stores. The main part of this communication action was the ustvari-kruh.si website with a conversational user interface, which allowed the master baker Janez to guide the users through the bread making process.

From digital to Spar’s shelves

When creating their own recipe, the users could choose different combinations of flours, dough additions and toppings and lastly got to name their final product. We also included a sponsor – Fala yeast – seamlessly, which lowered Spar’s website costs. The website users then voted for their favourite bread. The jury of experts also gave their opinion and baked the best three bread loaves for the final competition. The winner was chosen by the visitors of the shopping centres and passers-by in the centre of Ljubljana, who would taste the loaves and cast their vote. After the final deliberation of the jury, the winning bread was put on the shelves of Spar stores.

What have we achieved?


website visitors who visited 170,000 pages


recipes sent


votes for the best recipe


finalist for the best campaign website 2017

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